Insurance for your car hire can be what ruins what should be an enjoyable experience. It’s important to know what you have, what you are liable for and how to best protect your hard earned money. There are many options out there and here we aim to make the decision process as easy as possible for you. Insurance jargon can be very confusing but here we aim to make it simple!

CDW – Collision Damage Waiver

This comes included in most rentals and it catches a lot of people out, the name suggests that if there’s damage then the waiver means you have no cost but this is not the case! What it actually means is that if damage is caused to the rental car you are not liable for the whole cost of the vehicle, but you will be liable for the excess.

TP – Theft Protection

Again this one will come included in most rentals. It means that if the vehicle is stolen you will not be liable for the whole price of the vehicle but you will be charged the excess.


3rd Party Liability

Another one which will be included in all rentals. It means that you will be covered for any damage caused to a 3rd party. You will be charged the excess.

So that is the level of cover included when you hire a car. A very important thing to remember is that you, as the driver, are liable for the excess regardless of fault. So even if someone else causes damage to the hire car, since the contract is between yourself and the car hire company, you will be charged up to the excess amount. This excess amount is always quite substantial (usually around £1000 in the UK). The good thing is that there are many options out there to give yourself extra protection.

SCDW – Super Collison Damage Waiver

This is offered by the car hire companies when you are at the desk to collect the vehicle. It removes the Excess on the rental, so if there was any damage to the hire car you would not be charged any money. This gives you great peace of mind as you can simply hand the keys back and walk away at the end of the rental. Prices vary from supplier to supplier. In the UK you are looking at between £18 – £30 per day.


Excess Protection

A great product offered by our partner This option works out less than half the price of SCDW and can be bought at the time of booking your car. There is an important difference, this product is offered by rentalcars and not the car hire companies, which means that if there is damage to the vehicle you would be charged up to the excess amount and then make a claim with who would refund the amount you were charged.


Yearly Excess Cover

If you hire cars a few times over the course of the year this could be the best option for you. Our partner insurance4carhire offers a product which covers you for all you rentals over the year. If there was damage to the vehicle you would be charged up to the excess amount by the supplier and you would then claim your money back from insurance4carhire.

Prices start from £39.99 for the whole year!